How to Successfully Break a Relationship

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 If you are taking care of him. Do you work and he stay at home and hang out with his “friends?”  Does he always tell you that there is no work because of the economy? Look, men need responsibility and if he don’t have any responsibility he is more likely to cheat on you because he is idol at home. Remember: A idol mind is the devil workshop. Tell him you love him but he need to get a job and live on his own because you take care of everything for him. He needs to be responsible for himself. If he cannot take care of himself how is he going to take care of a family?

 You play the role of his mother. Why are you giving him money and cleaning up behind him and cooking for him too? Are you with a mama’s boy because you can bully him? Are you a control freak? You control the money to buy his beer and cigarettes so that way you know he will come back home?

 You give away too much. He gets everything free at home so why should he want to marry? Free sex, money and food from you! What more can a man want! If he doesn’t work for those things, marryiage is far from his mind. He will leave  and marry a woman who tells him “no” to the free things you gave to him

 One way he will marry is if you leave the home and stay somewhere else (maybe Mom or some other family member).  Then he will realize what he had and he would want to get himself together. If that don’t work, then maybe he was not the right one.

If you try to move on, he will be furious! Why? Because he knows how well he has it. He knows you are a good woman but he want to have his cake and eat it too.   


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