Monday Night Raw 1/17/2011

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so we start off monday night raw with the return of John Cena one of my favorite superstars.. which i get there are many anti cena haters out there.. i only have one thing to say GET OVER IT! He’s here to stay.. so please back off  and leave him alone….. and then not long out comes the most boring…worthless chickenshit champion i ever seen in my entire life frogface miz and his stupid apprentice alex riley..god i cant stand these two anymore..with their boring robotic voice..miz continues to rub it in that he is the must see champion please give me a break..nobody is gonna pay to see this loser as champion…if wwe has any clue at all..remove him as champion..and give it to somebody who is more deserving as John Cena last night said Miz will not make it to wm as champion..I hope to god Cena is right. i surely as hell dont want to tuned into raw every week seeing that annoying frogface as champion.. Randy should have been champion right now..or Jerry would be..but makes me sick… and then we bring out cm sucks.. granted i like it when he was commentating at the table..but shortly afterwards i came back to hating him even more now then i ever did in the past… mr i cant beat cena on my own so i hired some rookie from fcw to help me out..booooooooooooo you’re worthless nothing but a jackass who cant do shit.. wade barrett was right about you.. fast forward to the divas match nothing special there..i feel sorry  for Melina right now she’s my favorite diva..and they are fucking her over the same way they fuck over John Morrison..when they could have let him have his match at the royal rumble but nope..instead they have him defated by miz ugh!  and then on raw they have him wrestle against daniel bryan borrrring! if jomo were a heel right now he probably would say NERD!  as for dolph ziggler.. please nobody is gonna buy him as champion over someone like Edge who’s been champion several times now..announced for next week is Edge vs Miz champion vs champion gee i hope to god Edge spears  him and humuliate him on raw! Good thing Randy rko  dolph but then after he got attack by frogface Miz.miz is a coward..worthless champion…he’s beyond pathetic…he’s not awesome..he’s awful! and he will always be awful!


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