Do You Have Problems Cleaning Car Upholstery?

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Nowadays it is not uncommon to see people using their cars like a dining or a living room when driving around in their car. People who are doing this will especially have more chances of different things being spilled on the car upholstery. If such a problem occurs you may most probably wonder on the ways to clean your car upholstery. You will start enjoying your trips better when you know the techniques of cleaning the car upholstery. Here are some easy tips which will help you clean the car upholstery satisfactorily. These methods are only for use when you have cloth car upholstery.  

Cleaning Common Stains

You can get stains from different liquids when you drink and eat in the car. The first thing you need to do is to blot the spill so that all excess liquid is absorbed. You can keep upholstery cleaner which is typically available in the auto parts store and use this spray or a little cleaner on the car upholstery and let it sit for some time. Then rub the stained area with a tooth brush. Use a clean cloth the dry this stained region. You can continue this process till the stain disappears. You can also use shaving cream if you have a very small stain.

In case there is an ink stain on the car upholstery, don’t rub the spot as this will smear the ink and make it bigger. Begin by blotting the place cautiously to get rid of all excess ink. If you have hairspray, spray in small amount on the spot and wait for some time. Use clean and dry towel to wipe this area. You will have to repeat this till the stain is removed but use the minimally. You must change the wiping cloth often so that the material does not get soiled due to cross contamination. You can also rub alcohol to clean ink stain on car upholstery. Soak cotton swab in alcohol and apply it just on the area which is stained. Use clean cloth to wipe it.

You can get crayons stains on the car upholstery if you have small children. To get rid of crayon marks, you need to scrape off the extra crayon with a metal spoon or a blunt knife.  Spray WD-40 and wait for some time. Clean with paper towels and apply liquid dishwashing and then wipe a damp sponge.  


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