Do You Understand Shutter Delay in Digital Cameras

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When you click an action picture with a digital camera, you will find that there is a small delay between the time the shutter button is pressed and the time camera actually clicks the picture. Most of the time this is a small delay and not really noticeable but at the time when you try clicking action photos, or try to capture an incident which has taken place or when you want to click a moving object, it is possible that you may miss to capture the action due to this delay. Here you will be able to understand the reasons behind causing the shutter delay and ways to overcome it.

Basically a shutter delay is explained as the time gap from the time of pressing the shutter button and the camera really clicking the photo. You will not find any shutter delay in normal film cameras as the shutter button in these cameras are almost connected to the shutter and holds down the button which results in the device clicking a picture instantly. While the shutter button in the digital cameras is linked to a micro computer which is in-built and the shutter button is held down initiating a series of processes which result in clicking a photo.

When the shutter button is pressed in the digital camera, it passes through a number of setup events to be able to get all the electronics working. It is only when this process is completed the digital camera is able to capture a photo. Typically the time which the camera takes to complete these processes is about one second. It can result in additional delay when you click the subsequent photos as the camera has to compress the picture and write in the flash memory.

In the normal course a delay of one second does not feel long, but when you are clicking any action it can make a difference between getting the action snap or missing it. It may not be possible to eliminate shutter delay in the digital camera, but you can take some steps to avoid issues. You can try taking pictures in the burst mode which is a feature for shooting fast series of pictures till the shutter button is pressed or the memory is full. Here the camera writes these pictures in temporary memory and when the shutter button is released it starts the slow process of writing in the memory card. 


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