How To Choose The Right Packaging For Video Ipods

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Most of us are aware that packaging plays a vital role in being able to sell particular merchandise. It also helps us attract prospective buyers towards that particular product. The truth is that Apple Company has brought in new styles in the packaging world. The concept behind it is not just to find methods and resources for having compact packaging, but it also required ensuring that the cover comprises of the required products features for the convenience of the buyer. It needs to have a blend between aesthetics and practicality and a subtle but strong artistic touch. This need has to be based on the nature of the product which is being packaged.

IPod packaging began with a package which was six inch box which when taken out from the sleeve would convert into a flower. This was made to mirror the image of the company…its exuberant and expressive feel with quick sounds and colors. Later the company moved on to get a more established image and this was also promoted through their packaging style, overall design, forceful campaigning as well as the product. In those days the iPod was available in stark black which was a little contrary because it was available with a video which automatically showcases motion, color reproduction and diversion. The silver accents or streaks on the box showcase the logo of the company and one could also read the text. They stayed with this look for some time as it offered a stylish impression and also had a feel of sophistication of the offering a new product. The color of the iPod and the box were matching. You could see the new look in the promotional campaigns also.

Next this box got a flat square shape and it had a look which conveyed ‘I mean business’. It was designed like one side open sleeve, much like a DVD cover and had a box within which was again segregated into 2 sections which kept the monolith and the iPod. It does not come with a guide or manual, but has a CD which has a multilingual PDF file. It also comes with a short quick-start guide which has all the instructions which are required, a copyright statement as well as sleeve which keeps the iPod safe. This box also contains a USB adaptor cable and tiny ear buds. You have to be careful while opening the box as the accessories are delicate.


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