What Do You Think About The Ipod Video?

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The innovative iPod video has several new features and the most important among them is, without doubt, the video. This is in the view of the fact that there are already a number of handy and small gadgets to play games. The new iPod video, which can also play video has been released with some doubts from the critics. The video iPod is not the foremost portable video player launched in the market as a gadget from Sony has the number one position as a portable video player, but that is mainly used for enjoying video games. Even with some doubts this new device showed quite high sales and this was seen just after the first semester.           

One of the major concerns about this new launch was that the critics felt that people who were serious movie watchers will get a limited view due to the small screen. It may not go well with the movie buffs. It has been seen through studies that most individuals want to feel and live the movie and this is done well when seen on a big screen such as the screens in the movie theatres. There was an example of the latest cell phone famous in Asia which had a video feature and people just used it for viewing movies for just a few minutes. It has a small screen which doesn’t offer all the finer details of the movie. It has also been mentioned by critics that video iPod with its small screen can be a great solution especially when you are waiting in a line or on a cab or a bus etc. This is being said because watching while waiting can be a good break. This was the basis on which the analysts commented that if Apple really wanted to come into the market with a bang, they should have a bigger screen iPod, so that the buyers would be excited to see even complete movies on this gadget.           

You can see from the sales of this innovative iPod video that people like the features offered by this device as it can store photos, play music as well as movies. It is actually a multifunctional gadget which individuals fine very intriguing. In fact this pocket size video iPod is amongst the most popular electronic gadgets seen on the teens nowadays. They are able to listen to as well as store thousands of different audio files, which can even be downloaded directly from the Internet, DVD’s or the computer. 


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