Medical Identification Bracelets

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Life is not always easy and the human body, as amazing as it is, is not without its flaws. In fact, some bodies are born with flaws and some come as we age or from accidents. If you have a medical condition you know that it is important for emergency or medical staff to know the details of your health if you wind up unable to speak for yourself. Hopefully you will never be in such a situation, but you can not predict whether you will be or won’t be. Instead of hoping nothing will ever happen, think about medical identification bracelets that can speak for you when you can not.

If you are wondering if you should be wearing medical identification bracelets, think about your medical conditions. Do you have a condition in which you need to have medication at a certain time or you could face serious consequences to your health? These conditions might be (but are not limited to) heart disease, diabetes, or a seizure disorder. If you were to be found unconscious, these are things that EMT must know so that they can give you what you need, or watch for signs that you are in need of your medicine.

Along the same lines, you should be wearing medical identification bracelets if you take medications that have wide spread interactions with other medications. Some prescription medications, and even those that are considered to be over the counter, can react with each other with deadly results. If you are on a medication, it might be a good idea to have that on a bracelet so emergency staff know what they can give you and what you should not have. This can save your life in an emergency situation.

Allergies are another reason to wear medical identification bracelets. If you are allergic to things like peanuts or bees, it could be that you are having problems because of that allergy, but you can not tell anyone what is going on. If they have to guess, it will take much longer to treat you. If you are allergic to latex, EMT or  EMS have to know so that they do not use any latex products on or near you when they are treating you. Allergies to medications are also important bits of information for those helping you.

You don’t want to think that a time will come when you can not speak for yourself and when no one you know can be there right away to tell doctors what can save your life or what might hurt you. Along with medical identification bracelets, it might be wise to keep a list of medications that you are taking near your ID so that it can be found. Medical records are now being put online so that they can be accessed quickly, but those won’t help if you are not near a computer or if no one knows your name. The bracelet can be the lifesaver you need in those moments. They are also great for loved ones with dementia or Alzheimer’s in the event they wander away or get lost.


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