Alcohol And Pregnancy

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It is often argued that alcohol and pregnancy are strange bad fellows as alcohol consumption poses many risks to the baby. The baby feeds through the mother and if she drinks then the baby is drinking too. Some experts argue that a little drinking during pregnancy is harmless but many others beg to differ. They argue that all that the mother drinks and eats finds its way into the blood stream and into the baby through the placenta. Alcohol during pregnancy endangers the life of the baby in that he is deprived of oxygen and his cells may fail to develop normally.

The baby’s normal growth is altered by alcohol and that is why alcohol and pregnancy must never be used in the same sentence. Body organs such as the brain fail to develop properly and this leads to a condition known as Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS). This condition affects the mental ability of the baby and brings in other physical defects that may put the baby in special care all his life. This brings us to the big question that seeks to know whether it is really worth it to take alcohol during pregnancy.

Alcohol presents a huge problem to the baby in that it is a toxin. Toxins are harmful to both baby and mother as they lead to numerous health defects. Alcohol is also known to complicate pregnancies and is a leading cause of miscarriages in many expectant mothers. Premature births are also linked to alcohol consumption during pregnancy. Alcohol consumption gives the baby problems way after he has been born. He will have learning difficulties and his coordination could get affected too. Facial defects are also common with babies whose mothers took excessive alcohol during pregnancy.

Alcohol during pregnancy accounts for the birth of underweight babies who remain stunted throughout their lives. Many of these children will have small eyes and an upper lip that is thin. The heart also fails to form well and this leads to heart problems as the baby grows. Short attention spans are also common with babies whose mothers consumed alcohol during pregnancy. These babies are also likely to exhibit behavioral and emotional problems as they grow up. These children are not able to keep their jobs as adults due to these behavioral problems.

Many of them engage in criminal activities and most of them will remain dependent on others all their lives. Experts have been unable to rule how much alcohol is safe for expectant mothers and that is why it is important to keep off alcohol once women start trying for a baby. Occasional drinking has also been ruled out since many people do not know when to stop. They might end up consuming too much alcohol that will interfere with the development of the fetus. The combination of alcohol and pregnancy can be disastrous and it is vital to safeguard the health of the baby. Prevention is always better than any cure and mothers should focus on a healthy pregnancy that does not engage the lives of the babies they carry.


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