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Finding a Great Southlake Texas Lawyer

The process of finding a good accident lawyer begins with knowing what to avoid. Nothing can stop that lawyer with little experience in injury claims or a poor track record from posing as an expert. Also, being featured in a legal directory or the Yellow Pages is no guarantee of success.
Avoid Southlake Lawyers if they:
• Ask you for money. Avoid a lawyer who demands payment or promises you a definite win without understanding the case.
• Demand a percentage share of the compensation amount. You should demand a “no win, no fee” agreement only. This means that the lawyer is paid only if you win the claim. The advantage of doing so is that the lawyer will take on your case only if you stand a good chance of winning.
• Do not have experience in injury claims. Remember that laws differ, depending on the type of accident. For example, the claim procedure for a workplace accident is different than one for car accidents. Ask your lawyer to state the type of injuries he or she has dealt with.
• Do not have a good track record. Your Southlake Lawyer should also be able to provide references from other professional lawyers as well as previous clients. Speak to the clients to be able to understand their experience. At the same time, don’t just rely only on somebody’s recommendation or success. Their case may be different from yours.
Before you interview your Southlake lawyer, read up on cases and speak to a lot of people with a similar experience. Don’t hesitate to ask questions. Ultimately, your preparation and knowledge will help you find an accident lawyer who is perfect for your needs.


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