An Overview of The Term Acne And Infant Acne Causes

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Infant Acne: the Causes

Infant acne can be caused by several things, and one of these can be the hormones, just like teens and adults. Since this is a form of acne can be caused by things like laundry detergent something more complex. The complex answer to infant acne is that hormones passed to the infant while in the womb and these hormones just like in teens and adults can cause what looks like acne breakouts in the form of raised bumps.

Bumps that appear on the skin caused by hormones can be passed to the infant during breast-feeding, which have the same results as being passed to the infant in the womb.

This acne like condition in most cases disappears when the infant is between four and six months old without any type of treatment, however with this kind of condition is important to use laundry detergents and soaps that are made specifically for the use of babies. The use of oils and lotions should also be limited as this can clog pores and help the condition progress on the infant skin.

An overview of the term acne

Acne vulgaris is the medical term used for acne. It is a common skin disease in which the skin may have inflammatory or non-inflammatory forms of acne. Acne lesions can be termed as spots, lesions or just acne. It is quite common among teenagers or adolescents. However, even adults are affected by it. In most of the cases, mild acne does not need any particular treatment, because they acne will go on its own. But when acne is too severe, then it is vital to get medical treatment. 

The major body parts that are affected by acne are back, chest, neck, shoulders, upper arms and face. In most of the cases, acne lesions are nodules or inflammatory papules. 
Most of the acne boils, which are severe, may leave scars even after they go. And this brings in loss of confidence and self esteem along with mild pain associated with it.

Certain lifestyle modifications, acne control creams and lotions and in most severe cases, oral tablets as prescribed by the dermatologist will give good results in treating acne. There are many causes and factors that may be associated with acne. But in most of the cases, acne is due to hormonal factors, hereditary factors or use of certain medications.


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