Can One Suffer From Acne During Puberty?

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Some of the most common factors that establish a link between puberty and acne are: 

  • Hormonal changes

  • Genetic factors

  • Deficiency of certain nutrients

  • Stress

It is important to note that the factors as mentioned above lead to over activity of sebaceous gland or over sensitivity of skin. Due to over activity of oil glands extra oil is generated. And this oil combines with the dead cells that might be present on the skin. And as a result of this, the pores of the skin become blocked. When no action is taken to clear the skin pores, there is further clogging which would make the situation worse and may even lead to bacterial infection. 

However, puberty acne is categorized in four categories and they are black heads, white heads, nodules and pimples. All these forms of puberty acne may be mild, moderate or severe. Pimples, black heads and white heads may be the milder forms of acne. Pustules may be moderately serious and large nodules can be considered as severe acne forms. As far as puberty acne is concerned, males are often affected more as compared to females. And the reason for this gender issue is the hormonal factor. 

Herbal treatment for acne

The acne control treatments depend upon the type of acne a person have. There are various treatments available for the acne from medications to laser treatments. Both of these treatments have some side effects as anti biotic used for the acne causes skin dryness and in some cases permanent dryness on lips. And laser treatments are painful and there results are also not 100 %.

The safest way for those people is herbal treatments as herbs and plants are used from centuries to cure different diseases. The most common of skin care herb is Aloe Vera it is used in many beauty products and also in the medicines and acne aid creams. Aloe Vera herb has a jelly like substance inside it that can be applied directly to the effected part it has two main benefits, first it gives cool effect to the burning inflamed pimples and second drying the sebum inside without causing dryness to the skin. It refreshes and smoothes the skin.

Other herbs include ginger and Raspberries that helps in the reduction of redness and scars caused by the acne. These herbs are natural and cause no side effects and could also be eaten in small quantity. Ginger could be taken in the tea form and couple of cups daily will shoe very good results.


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