An Acid Reflux Cough Can Cause A Lot of Problems

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Almost 10 years ago, my father had to have a very serious heart operation that required an extended hospital stay. There were complications, and he has had a number of side effects since then.

One of the worst problems he has had as a result of the surgery is an acid reflux cough. We are not completely sure if it was because of the surgery, but he had never had a problem with acid reflux before. My family and I believe they are at least related.

Essentially, while my father was sleeping, trying to recover from this very serious trauma to his body, he would wake up suddenly with a coughing jag that would cause him to get sick. It was an acid reflux cough, and it got to the point where he could not get through a single night without waking up with the problem.

At first, we thought he could take some antacids before he went to bed and that might do the trick, but that only worked for a while, and pretty soon, he was up again almost every night coughing.

We then tried to make sure that he ate very early in the evening, typically around 5 p.m., so that his food would have plenty of time to digest. This actually did work, but he was starving by the time he went to bed and would often wake up with a headache the next morning.

Besides that, because of the acid reflux cough he was experiencing, my father was becoming irritable, having difficulty concentrating during the day and having difficulty recovering from his surgery, because he could not get the one thing he needed most — rest.

The worst side effect of all of the acid reflux cough was depression. My father became fully disabled after the surgery, which was a hard enough blow. With the seeming inability to go to sleep at night without a host of problems, however, he started to succumb to a feeling of hopelessness, and he became quite despondent.

We told his doctor what was going on, and he was placed on a prescription acid reflux reducer, and after a few weeks, the problem went away. He was in much better spirits and he was finally able to get the rest he need to finish recovering from his heart surgery.

An acid reflux cough is something that many people have experienced on occasion, and for many of us, it is typically something that goes away fairly quickly with a few antacids. For those people that suffer from a chronic reflux cough, however, it is a serious matter, and if left untreated can cause a lot of other health problems.


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