Rising To The Surface

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          I sat up late night on December 31, 2010 watching the  televised New Year’s Eve Ceremony. To be honest I had high hopes that there would be a musical performance that would jump out  and pull me towards the screen to turn up the volume. Unfortunaltly, disappointment prevailed. Do not get me wrong,I enjoyed the show but it left me with that cheap morning hang over vibe. Needless to say I took a stroll down memory lane and wound up on dedication street.

         Growing up I listened to the radio alot. I had an appreciation for what was played all day but there was no doubt in my mind that I was missing out on the good stuff. I had a desire to listen to those records that were great but just never made it on the radio. All throughout high school I remember how you were complimented for being the first to  have the song before it became popular. I mean, if the beat and lyrics were solid no one really cared if it became popular.Truthfully, it was always good to know you had easy access to another alternative. Nowdays, things are different. It seems as if we all lie about feeling certain music just so we can fit in. All of the fake bopping and going with the flow just to avaoid being square. When a friend of mine throws me a cd of fresh new artists that most of America has never heard of I see no shame in sharing it with others. However, I find myself getting shut down frequently due to the fact that they do not know the artist or they haven’t seen the video. I can honestly say that I’m glad I never lost my dedication to digging for the unheard material.

        I  will admit searching for these types of artists is a bit complicated. Maybe that’s the problem. But you have to  give it up for online radio. The leverage they give the unsigned or under rated artist is impecable. I thinks it is safe to say that 2011 is going to be a huge breakthrough year for musicians taking an unconventional route in their careers. Just think about all the new music that you’ve been force fed. Why such a sour face? It’s simple. There is no originalilty. Most artist in the club or on the bottle half the time.  Oh yeah sex crazed too. Maybe if they spent more time having sex they would spend less time making songs about it. The big WOW factor is all of the best records  are being put together independently and are now playing at an online radio station near your fingertips. Trust me, one day they will be popular and you will be proud to have been the first one with it !


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