How to Grow Out Your Frankie Sandford Hairstyle.

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I’ve been growing out my Frankie cut for about 4 months now and it has almost reached the transition stage being the jaw-length bob. The longer side of my hair I have trimmed a few times to keep it jaw level because the key is to grow the other side the same length eventually. I have also trimmed across the back of my neck a few times just to keep it neat because although I am trying to grow my hair I still want it to look nice and not like a mullet. To grow out this style you need patience because I’ve had many days where I feel like getting the chop again but I keep telling myself, ” I come this far, don’t give up now!” There are many ways you can style it as it grows so it’s a good idea to stay focused on your goal but in the meantime enjoy and embrace the change.

Unless we have a magic wand we are not going to wake up in the morning with beautifully flowing locks in fact you need to be realistic and be prepared to give it at least 6 months to grow it into a bob. It all depends on the length of hair you are starting with really, if you began with one side long enough to tuck behind your ear you hair should grow quicker into a bob but if like mine you hair was really short on the one side then it’s going to take a little longer. Just because you are growing your hair do not think don’t cut it because actually an occasional trim will keep your hair in good condition and will also keep it in shape making the process a little easier. My advice would be to tell your hairdresser what style you want and then gradually get trims to take it to your desired style, but be realistic because it will take time!

Concentrate on growing the shorter side of your hair to match the longer side first. Get the occasional trim on the longer side so that it’s in line with your jaw and get the back of your neck trimmed across to keep it neat. Try to keep the layers long because we are trying to grow them down but a slight graduation at the back of your neck will be fine. As the shorter side grows you can start tucking it behind the ear and it will start to feel more like a bob then. In the meantime you could always wear pretty clips in the shorter side to make your hair look pretty and interesting and keep a long sweeping fringe across your forehead.

Once you have reached the jaw-length bob you should be able to put it into a tiny ponytail but if not you should have enough length to at least clip it up and create some pretty up-do’s for a change. Be adventurous with your hair as it grows go  out and treat yourself to some lovely headbands and flowers etc this will really help when you have those bad hair days because they keep your hair in place.

My hair can just about fit into a tiny ponytail now and I can finally wear my hair up again. I find that as soon as you can tie it up it will grow even quicker because you are pulling the hair tight. My shorter side is not exactly where I want it to be yet but it’s getting there and I’m now looking forward to going onto the next stage of my style which will be growing it into a shoulder length bob. When I get there ill write my next article on this to help you along the way, Good luck with growing out your Frankie Sandford styles. 

 Unfortunately its not letting me upload my pics at the moment ill try again later. 


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