To Exist in The Shadows of Those Loved

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31 Mar 1994

A victim of Circumstance,

A victim of Happening,

A victim of Occurrence,

We are Everyone Corresponding.

Formality –

Far From.

Iniquity is found to be Predominant,

Superior to endeavours of Coherence.

Why now beseech me to appear absolute

in a less than inviolate sphere?

We dare to conform harmony,

for discord shall pursue.

Tolerate solitude for accord.


18 May 1994

an askance glare withdrawn in solitude

withers at the estranged reflection;


is the resilient serenade

of yesterdays hostility,

whilst the mirage of distant voices,

once alienated through isolation,

is not quite complete


21 May 1994 (I was 20 and totally smitten with an older man, I wrote this for him)


A passion immeasurable

of love plentiful

An unexplained emotion

out of reach desire.

To you I bestow

my love defying description,

For you I reserve

my quintessence,

Though withdrawn

it lingers transient

bursting for deliverance.

A palpitating fury smoulders

due to cruel defeat

that chance remains

so remote and

so essential to confession.

I love you.


18 Jun 1994

Defeated by defiance

controlled by necessity of being.

To EXIST in the shadow of those loved,

is to EXIST in the past,

But to EXIST in the lust for essence,

is to LIVE.


4 Jul 1994 (I like this one)


it’s wind on a deserted beach,

it gathers shells

randomly scattering them,

it’s an exaggerated memory

of lost innocence.


it’s birth and death

of four seasons,





it’s frozen beauty



it flickers in the candle light,

it steals your breath,

it burns.


it’s the sin in confession,

it’s the pivot of all good

the revolution of evil,

it’s the pain entwined around bizarre authenticity


it heals.


23 Jul 1994


The nativity of trust,

Building blocks of devotion.

One origin

One breath

One demise



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