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Because I can misunderstand people when they ask questions verbally, I have decided to present in written form the answers to a number of anticipated questions about what I do, the Bible Code and more.

First, my understanding is changing. God gives me new information all the time, on a need-to-know basis. Old information and understanding may expire at a moments notice, in my mind in with what I share in response to questions placed to my attention.

I decided to place this information in question and answer type format, except where appropriate to do otherwise.

Do you have any special powers?

I have only the power LORD Jesus Christ, known as God, gives to me. I am a weak sheep without God’s flow of loving intelligence as voices, feelings, visions, dreams and stimuli from all those around me.

Does God speak with you?
Yes, LORD Jesus Christ communicates with me directly in my mind. I use the Bible Code to verify and double check my communications with LORD God were accurate. As time goes on, I am getting a stronger connection with LORD God, Jesus Christ.

Have you always had a connection with LORD God?

Yes, Jesus Christ, or LORD God as He is also called and known, has always placed intelligence into my mind for me to hear. I have been placed on psychotropic medications all my adult life, without success, because LORD God is so strong I always can hear the voice of Jesus Christ, LORD God.

Have you planned going to the hospital on July 4, 2010?

No, I canceled my health insurance in hopes I might receive a cash equivalence for the medicaid premium paid on my behalf into the program by Job and Family Services of Hancock County. I also wanted to discourage Melanie from putting me into the Mental Hospital at Blanchard Valley Orchard Hall, by explaining I had no health insurance and therefore could not benefit from any hospitalization.

What did you know when going into the hospital on July 4, 2010?

I know what the Bible Code told me from Leviticus book using unlock code 14. I thought I would probably die, but had a chance to live if I become very cooperative by offering to accept experimental surgery of type lobotomy. I thought the future was to go to California for connection of my brain to form a cloud computer to help with Clean Slate technology, an alleged time travel intervention project of the United States government to deal with the coming invasion I thought of space aliens that would discover the Earth in 2011 and invade earth on 2012, as prophesied in David Hatcher Childress’ book, TIME TRAVELERS HANDBOOK under the chapter on Wing Makers interview with reporter “Anne.”

How do you get your knowledge?

I mostly pray silently with LORD God Jesus Christ. I formulate my ideas, then try to find them in the Bible Code, to find keywords that may be missing from my thinking. Conversely, I can use the Bible Code to look up keywords, and use it to help me get questions to ask LORD God in prayer.

Do you use witchcraft or sorcery in any way?

Absolutely not. Those activities draw in spirits that are independent of God, and often those spirits can be impure or even quite evil. In the past, I had reception of both God and spirits, so, often the voices would conflict, as reported to doctors over the past many years. Using the Bible Code, I check to ensure my communications from silent prayer was accurate and from LORD Jesus Christ Himself. I am also much more effective now at ignoring voices not of God Himself in my mind.

What are your plans?

My plans can change daily, so I won’t know until LORD God announces new ideas to me. But as of today, Martin Luther King’s Day, January 17, 2011, I have crystallized some ideas with my communications with LORD God. These ideas can change, so this paper becomes a historical document since its ideas are obsolete just minutes after it is written out.

So what do you plan to do as of today?

I desire to go to court to break the guardianship first. This will allow me to be sued or to sue Barack Obama. I am to sue him to claim injury while under his legal control, both at the two hospitals and later, with his concordats signed by my family. During my trial, I will explain I want no money from my injuries; I only seek political power from a job only the president himself can appoint me to. I do expect to be paid for my work, however.

What job is that?

I understand God wants me to trade money for my injuries as a sort of consecration, or gift to God, of my worldly compensation from Barack injuring me to God to help God make our country better for everyone. In particular, I desire to serve God’s will by reforming public assistance, housing laws, ending forced medical care (“Obamacare”) and my prior agenda, to engineer, test, deploy, market and share the Sonic Eye software. I will need additional political power, but I would not be more than some voice in the citizenry had I not been injured by Barack and could get him impeached if I desired that be done.

Do you want the president to be Impeached?

It is not up to me. It is all God’s will. It is written in the Bible Code, and God shares his wisdom with me on a need to know only basis right now. I understand God, LORD Jesus Christ will give me more information on the world when I am ready and God thinks it will allow me to do best my job for LORD Jesus Christ. I do not desire Barack be impeached, I just want a job described to reform our nation’s laws and social programs.

Are you afraid of imprisonment or punishment for treason?

I am trying to do God’s will. Clearly, I have done enough good in the world that God knows by the end of my life, I was worth writing about in the Bible Code. I figured my life was over while in the hospital after emailing the Israeli government on July 4, 2010 asking for help with the Bible Code and my Sonic Eye software. Sonic Eye is for education.

I turned my life, what is left of it, to serving God. I abide to God, LORD Jesus Christ, and gave him my life without a request to be helped or saved. I requested I do work for LORD Jesus Christ to maximally do as much good as I can for my employer. I did not pray for my life be saved; I prayed to be the biggest help to Jesus Christ, my LORD and true God.

Who is your employer?

I am employed directly by LORD Jesus Christ, as everything I do reflects positively or negatively upon God. I have the human innate capacity to do both good and evil; but God knows I must have done a lot more good, or will do much good, because of LORD Jesus Christ’s extensive mentioning of my first and last name, my business name (“USALL”) and (“SONIC” eye) in His Bible Code.

Are you afraid of anything?

I am sometimes afraid of my efficiency of doing work for my employer, LORD Jesus Christ. I act with intelligence and emotion; God supplies my critically needed details in silent prayer, and the Bible Code helps me to affirm my thoughts in prayer were with God, as God publishes certain thoughts of mine in His Bible Code.

What are you doing today?

Right now, Martin Luther King day, I am thinking of writing Bible Code software, which I have already started. I feel God has an immediate use for my help: To help publicize His Bible Code. My present God-given mandate is to know his Bible Code well, and to write software to help others to explore the world of the Bible Code waiting to be unsealed. I also explore and research the Bible Code using other software commercially available, I have three such programs purchased thus far that I use.

What will happen when the Bible is unsealed, as is done through the Bible Code?

Humanity will work together to bring compassion-based peace, rooted in communication and understanding the three types of needs and surrendering unnecessary need fulfillment to allow others to attain their True Needs.

Is the Bible about Hitler and criminals?

I estimate, having researched the Bible Code, that less than one tenth of one percent of the Bible Code is about those “monsters.” Mostly, the Bible Code is about practical information to help people live in peace from compassionate communication, and supports human rights and freedom from forced education and other oppressive structures.

What is it that God wants?

God wants humanity to work together for every human to have equal opportunities in life to learn, grow, mature and spiritually advance. Our present world is setup, including in the United States, to produce material goods at maximum speed, without regards to the earth or the people of the earth. The poor are having little opportunity to do much except work and be a virtual slave. The middle class are having to fear becoming poor, wasting and dampening their creativity. The upper class rich are too consumed in materialism, and in the politics of keeping their wealth amassed for their families exclusive control. No one generally advances much spiritually when their needs are either not being met or in danger of not being met anytime soon.

Do you advocate socialism or communism?

I believe the best system is “caring capitalism” and some other Christians have written a little on this idea, but I think Caring Capitalism needs to be developed and implemented right away in the United States. When our nation transitions to having the happiest populace and the highest level of spiritual progression of any nation on this earth, our world will cease to be at war and we will all enjoy one thousand years of peace and prosperity, exactly as prophesied.

What do you say to those who disagree with you?

I will think to myself, something similar to the effect of “I wish I could pray with them now. I hope their needs are met, I want to help my fellow sinner to gain creativity through compassionate communication.” My action may be a bit quiet, at least until I have some political power vested in me. When I have power, I want to help get needs of type True Needs met for all people.

Do you fear for your life?

I work for God Himself. I am still transitioning internally for this new work. As such, there is stress, but I know, from God, that my life did a lot of good for God here on this earth. I find myself constantly praying and asking God for more knowledge. I ask God by making myself ready.

Are people ready for you?

People must become ready when necessity requires they accept change. When the earth is about to be destroyed, God intervenes at His preferred point. I am one of his many intervention point employees. I am one of many, I just have a bit higher profile at first. God has hundreds of high profile employee/activists; I am just one of many, and I am one of the first, but not the first nor the last. Most Christians are very afraid of persecution and being singled out. Prophets of God like myself are often targets for persecution throughout history.

Do you expect to be singled out too?

I am already in a forced guardianship by Barack Obama due to my political views. But in the near future, the public will accept that the Bible Code will be unsealed out of the Christian Bible known as the Torah. With tens of thousands of people reading the Bible Code in the near future, the world will avoid destruction in 2012.

Do you think anything will happen in 2012?
I think, with the limited knowledge I have now from God, that the old system of government of oppressing and enslaving economically its people will be destroyed. A new system will emerge around December 21, 2012 that will be spiritual and humanistic, bringing families together in peace and prosperity.

Can this all be stopped?

God knows how things will unfold. By writing the future out, a person can read the future before it happens. This allows for a person to correct the errors of their ways. By knowing the errors of one’s ways, they can look for spiritual and divine solutions to their life and its problems. God placed exactly enough prophecy in the Bible Code to succeed at helping humanity intervene in the broken social system and governmental systems.

Would you accept money to be quiet and discontinue your efforts?

I try to not be motivated by money, wealth or property. I am motivated by doing good for the people, equally, no matter how much or how little money a person has. I see no reason to give more or less favor for a person whether they be rich or poor. I seek out resources to better do my job for my employer, LORD Jesus Christ.

Any concluding comments?

I think I am small, like a sun tan lamp. I shine a little brighter than ordinary light bulbs. God is like the sun, much brighter than me even at a great distance. I can think; God can think. I know only what I am ready to know by God. God knows all things in all of time, and provides me with my knowledge. When I am ready, I become eligible in God’s eyes to learn and advance farther. I am here to help all those around me shine a bit brighter, with a beam of healthy loving energy radiating in all directions.


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