Intranet Applications For Enhanced Communication Within Organization

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Intranet is a network of private computers within the organization that helps people to categorize, aggregate, and manage information in an efficient manner. Contrary to the Internet, Intranet has a limited scope, it operates on browser and it can be considered as company’s internal website. In the present scenario of collaborative working, Intranet helps to maintain a seamless communication between the people within the organization.

Intranet employs the corresponding technologies of the Internet which include client-server computing, Internet Protocol Suite (TCP/IP), hyper text transfer protocol (HTTP) for web services, simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP) for e-mails, and file transfer protocol (FTP) etc. An intranet is devised to collaborate and communicate on the distributed projects along with the enhancement of corporate-cultural environs. Both these requirements induce several applications like document management system, news and events module, E-mail synchronization, calendar, and other specifications as and when needed.

Planning the Intranet

There are numerous generic Intranet applications available in the market. However, it is better to get a custom-developed intranet depending on the specific requirements. Planning an appropriate Intranet requires the following steps:

  • Determination of the exact purpose of the Intranet.

  • Figuring out the departments and persons who would be using and collaborating.

  • Exhaustive design of Information architecture and page layouts.

  • Clear definition to achieve a robust security system for the Intranet.

  • Considering the legal and other correlated constraints.

  • Desired levels and hierarchy of interaction.

Designing and Developing the Intranet

Design and development of an Intranet should be handled in the same way as any other software. A suitable and competent firm must follow these things so as to come out with a technically robust intranet.

  • Comprehensive analysis of the detailed business requirements.

  • Flawless installation of the server and the associated network.

  • Authorization issues and selective administrative control.

  • Exhaustive installation of the applications on the desktops within the scope of the prescribed network.

  • Extensive debugging and testing of the intranet thus developed.

  • Sustained maintenance and prompt bug-fixing.

Intranet that is developed after the rigorous workout on the aforementioned steps would surely be competent and would help in serving to the profitability of organizations in several ways.

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