Important Steps For Custom Software Development

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Custom Software development is often sought by firms wishing to automate the customized requirements of their business process or processes. Hence, the development also asks for substantial efforts. Let us see some of the strategically important steps involved in the robust and flawless development of softwares.


This is the infant stage of the project where everything from the scope and feasibility is properly planned. Several metrics involving the available resources, resource deployment, management and the business aspects of the software development process are exhaustively discussed and planned.


This is the second stage which further includes two steps, system analysis and requirement analysis. In the system analysis the environments of the firm and the systems constraints and scopes of the projects are analyzed. Requirement gathering is one of the most critical and crucial steps. There have been several instances of the project going awry just because the client wanted something and he got completely another thing. This caused huge embarrassment, brand debilitation, and financial losses to the concerned firm. So, the requirement analysis phase should be continued until clarity regarding the scope of project is achieved.


After the analysis is completed, requirements are gathered, and the scope of project is frozen , the prototype designing is initiated. This is usually accompanied by the process diagrams, screen layouts, pseudo codes, and relevant documentation. One must ensure that the prototype is duly approved by the client.


This is the stage where the real coding and programming are done. A good software is one which has optimized and non-redundant code.

Integration and Testing

Once the coding has been completed, its time the different modules are suitably integrated. Integration is an important and crucial stage and any flaws in integration stage can translate into larger problems. After the integration the software must go through several stages of testing so that the final product is without any bugs. Any bugs that are found, must be promptly rectified and the testing must keep on iterating till there are no more bugs.

The last two steps involve installation and deployment along with the prompt after-sales maintenance. During the deployment of the customized software, the firm must comply with the training of the support staff of the client.

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