How to Choose a Window Air Conditioner

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Step 1: Find out how many BTU you need your window air conditioner to be. BTU is a measurement of how much heat the air conditioner can remove from the room. The size room the unit can cool is usually listed in the product description and is most often indicated for standard eight foot ceilings. This means measuring the room you want to cool before going shopping. Keep in mind if your ceilings are higher, you may need a slightly larger BTU air conditioner to accomodate the increased room volume.

Step 2: Decide what control features you want. Some features to consider include remote control, a timer for it to go off after a certain amount of time, cooling levels, fan speed, and direction of fan.

Step 3: Determine what you want your window air conditioner to look like. This may not seem so important, but don’t forget about style. What color do you want, what design suits your style?

Step 4: Check that the window air conditioner fits in the window you want it to fit in. Measure your window before you go shopping and compare it to the measurements of the window air conditioners you’re considering buying. Make sure you have enough space in your window.

Step 5: Determine if your window air conditioner has an Energy Star rating or not and if you want one. Just carrying the Energy Star label means the air conditioner uses at least 10% less energy than government standards. The higher the rating, the more energy efficient the unit is.

Step 6: Check the voltage requirements. Make sure your home is equipped with the proper voltage and amp circuits. Most are designed for use on 115 volt, 15 amp circuits.

Step 7: Read reviews, as they will tell you things you hadn’t thought of that are good and bad about the window air conditioner. Some things things to look for in reviews are how loud the model is, how accurate the temperature controls are, and whether the window air conditioner does what it says it does.

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