Can Machine Translator be a Translation Partner?

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“Accurate translation by machine translator”, isn’t it a joke?

Machine translators, can never replace professional human translators, every translator firmly belief in phenomenon. There are bundle of reasons, but the major one is that “almost every piece of writing is different from other”

Let me explain, what I mean by this. If you ask 100 writers to write an article on “Translation Service – need of the hour”, you will get hundred dissimilar articles in result. It means every writer uses different sentence structures, unique style of writing, and distinctive words to convey his/her thoughts.

Machines are limited by their database. You will get output only for what you have input. If you haven’t input anything, you won’t get the desired result. 

Computer software usually stores data in their database (translation memories, glossaries etc.), and they can provide you accurate translation of sentence or phrase which is already stored in their memory. But what about those sentences which are not already stored??

Word to word translation is not more than rubbish. For quality translation it is vital that you must seek assistance from any translation agency or company. “But how on earth I could find better translation agency?” I can hear what some of you are saying.

Finding a translation agency which best meets your requirements is a critical decision and must be made with utmost care. There are numerous agencies and companies which claim to offer high quality translation services but it is not always the case.

You should consider following points while considering translation service for your project:

  1. Quality of service (MOST IMPORTANT)

  2. Customer support

  3. Turnaround

It is not easy to analyze a translation company with the scale of above mentioned points. Best way around is that, first you should select any translation agency by exercising ordinary diligence. After that, instead of giving them any massive translation project, ask them to translate only some portion of your material.  As a result, you will get a clear picture of quality, punctuality, customer support provided by your chosen translation company.

It might cost you some extra pounds, because almost all translation companies have minimum project fee. But this small cost can save you from big loss.

Imagine you have hired a so-called professional translation agency for a gigantic project, what will happen if your decision proves to be wrong in future??

So it is always suggested that you must have practical knowledge of business practices, translating procedure & workflow of your language service partner. Make sure your final document is not just the translation of provided source text, but it is also well formatted and proofread to ensure accuracy.

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