Why Should You Always Use A Double Opt-In?

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The eternal task of every marketer is building a responsive list for basic permission-based email  marketing purposes and to avoid being branded a spammer. The simplest method to use is the double opt-in process that grants you the right to market to your customers and protects your reputation.

You, of course, can use either a single opt-in or a double opt-in, but risk angry recipients of your emails and complaints that will ruin your marketing campaigns with a single opt-in process. The double opt-in, on the other hand, confirms the email address used for your downloads or other offers and builds a mailing list of customers interested in your products. Your autoresponder will automatically complete the process for you when you set it up correctly.

The major benefit of using the double opt-in process includes a responsive list that does not include those who do not want to receive your marketing emails. While your list might be smaller than you would like it to be, subscribers consenting to receive your information will be more likely to purchase your quality products or services.

Think about the emails you get every day. How many unrequested emails do you read and respond to with a subscription or purchase?

With the usual double opt-in process, you have a much higher chance of having your offers read and that could lead to a higher level of sales if your content is good quality. You can avoid the spam filters that keep your emails from being delivered. Your autoresponder will keep a record of the double opt-in responses and those who decide to unsubscribe at any time without any intervention from you, saving you time for other tasks.

Commonly, marketers offer a free incentive to their visitors, like an ebook or a video, that is valuable enough to encourage the opt-in. When your potential customers want your free incentive, they normally click on a link that sends them to your landing page, or squeeze page, where they enter their email address in order to get a download link for your incentive.

Your autoresponder sends them a link to confirm that they want to join your list and, when they click on the link, they are either directly sent the actual download as an attachment or a link to a page with your upsell on it and the link to get their requested product.

Your mailing list is your most valuable asset in your entire marketing process. Your list members have consented to receive information from you and that is more valuable than you might suspect.

It is a well-known fact that NO LIST = NO SALES. It’s really that simple.

Protect your business and your reputation with the double opt-in at all times and you won’t be sorry.


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