Simple And Effective Lip Care Using A Lip Balm Spf 15

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Keeping our lips in top shape will not only make them young and beautiful, this will also prevent them from having infections and other diseases caused by dry, irritated skin. It is absolutely necessary that we take extra effort in taking care of them because doing so will give us good benefits in the long run. A simple regimen coupled with an effective lip balm SPF 15 will do great wonders to our lips.

Taking care of our lips is as easy as 1-2-3. Follow these simple steps and you are sure to have total protection from harsh elements especially the sun.

1.       Use a Lip Balm with SPF 15 daily. This will moisturize your lips and keep them healthy.  One good product is Blistex Herbal Answer. It is a light, pleasant tasting balm that soothes, relieves, and protects dry, chapped lips with the nurturing ingredients that come from nature. It has aloe that nourishes and moisturizes the lips, chamomile that soothes dry lips, avocado rich with vitamin A, C, and E that helps rejuvenate lips.  It also has jojoba, a rich seed extract that softens dry lips and shea butter, which contains natural anti oxidants.

2.       Use lip care before exposure to dry environment. Exposure to dry conditions, whether outdoors or even indoor such as air conditioning, will cause our lips to lose their natural moisture, turning them dry and chapped. Arm yourself with a Lip balm SPF 15 before this happens. Blistex Complete Moisture combines advanced hydrating ingredients with moisture to deliver an extreme moisturizing effect that provides immediate relief and instantly quenches your dry, thirsty lips.

3.       Use lip care before exposing yourself to the sun. Whenever you go outdoors, you are exposed to the sun’s harmful rays regardless of the weather. Cold or cloudy weather does not guarantee that the sun will not damage your skin because clouds cannot filter UVB rays, and even snow reflects the sun’s rays, magnifying its burning abilities. You must use a product which provides you with the right SPF or Sun Protection Factor. A lip balm with SPF 15 will provide adequate protection. Blistex Silk & Shine has a unique silk and vitamin formula that makes skin feel satiny soft. It contains silk extracts, moisturizers, and vitamins A, B5, and E which give your lips a silky smooth feel. It also has a light glossy finish which further enhances your healthy-looking lips.

4.       Treat sore and chapped lips with a medicated lip care product. If your lips are already dry and cracked, it is imperative to use a medicated lip balm to alleviate your discomfort and soothe your suffering lips. The Blistex Lip Medex is formulated to provide quick cooling relief that you can feel instantly. This is perfect for chapped, dry lips as it has medicated ingredients that create a cooling action to provide immediate relief to the hot, itching sensation brought about by sore lips. It also helps restore the lips’ natural moisture balance.

5.       Use lip balm under or instead of lipstick. Using a lip balm before putting on lipstick will also protect your lips from the chemicals normally found in a lipstick, and it will also help your lip color look smoother and well blended. The Blistex Medicated Lip Balm prevents dryness and chapping, and it provides soothing relief to irritated lips. It seals in lip moisture while keeping your lips smooth and nourished.

6.       Use a lip care product with age defying qualities for younger looking lips. The Blistex Deep Renewal has been proven to reduce visible signs of aging while giving optimum moisture and maintains healthy lips with constant use. It contains Coenzyme Q 10, a known agent that revitalizes and renews skin tissues. It also has Hyaluronic contents and vitamin-collagen anti oxidant complex, which gives the lips a fuller pout and makes skin look younger.

A lip balm SPF 15 will prove be of great help to you and your lips. With the variety of products available, your lips are sure to be protected 24/7.


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