An Spf 15 Lip Balm For Every Need

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Protecting our lips is basic yet is often neglected because of the busy, fast-paced lifestyle of today’s modern woman. In our rush to accomplish all our daily tasks, we forget that our lips are the most vulnerable skin on our body. It is constantly exposed to harsh elements as it is one part of our body that is not covered with clothes. Thus, it is prone to drying and breaking especially because it is thinner than the rest of our skin and contains almost no amount of melanin – our skin’s protector from the sun.

Caring for our lips is actually as simple as applying a good lip care product daily. A lip balm SPF 15 will give the adequate protection our lips need. In choosing which lip balm to use, you must look out for ingredients that harm our lips instead of helping. One such ingredient is PABA or Aminobenzioc acid which may trigger an allergic reaction for some people.

Another quality you must look for in a lip balm SPF 15 is its capacity to moisturize and hydrate your lips while providing them with protection against the sun’s harmful rays.

Of the many brands available, Blistex is among the trusted ones that offer a wide array of products catering to the consumers’ diverse needs. The common denominator among its products is the ability to shield your lips against both UVA and UVB rays. All of Blistex’s lip care products are also PABA-free, reducing the risk of allergic reactions.

An example of a Blistex lip balm SPF 15 is the Lip Infusion Cherry Splash. It is a unique liquid formula in a rolling tip applicator that provides great hydration while giving you a delicious taste of cherries. Upon application, it is quickly absorbed and gives you soft, smooth lips without the waxy feel.

In cases wherein your lips have already been subjected to sun damage, and have resulted to dryness or chapping, using a medicated Lip balm SPF 15 would restore and lock in its lost moisture.  Blistex has several products that would soothe and relieve your dry lips.

One such product is the Medicated Lip Ointment. It has an advanced moisture system that penetrates and heals chapped lips. Its unique formula relieves cold sores and even severe lip dryness. It contains four medications that sooth the itching and discomfort brought about by lip sores and blisters.

Excessive exposure to the sun causes the collagen – a natural protein that gives shape and resilience to our lips – to alter, resulting to wrinkles and fine lines forming around the mouth. This will make your lips look less youthful and unattractive. The Blistex Deep Renewal provides the solution for this predicament. It is an anti-aging lip treatment that is proven to reduce visible signs of aging while giving optimum moisture and maintains healthy lips with constant use. It contains Coenzyme Q 10, a known agent that revitalizes and renews skin tissues. It also has Hyaluronic contents and vitamin-collagen anti oxidant complex, which gives the lips a fuller pout and makes skin look younger and healthier.

With all these products available for your every need, finding a lip balm SPF 15 that will best protect your lips and give them optimum care, living life to the fullest, and enjoying every moment won’t be as stressful anymore.


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