How To Achieve Full, Pouty Lips

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Angelina Jolie has risen to stardom because of her versatile talent and oozing sex appeal. Women everywhere idolize her because of her beautiful face, and most of all, her sexy, pouty lips.

Full, pouty lips have long been regarded as an attractive, head-turning asset that can be possessed by a woman. Women who have this trait are most likely to gain the admiration and envy of people everywhere they go. It is however, a trait that many only dream about.

In our modern times, beauty is something that is just within our reach. Make up is one tool which can accentuate and emphasize a person’s facial features. There also are medical procedures available for any body part that one wishes to change or enhance.  Thus the question is posed: How does one get plumper lips?

There are many different ways on how to get plumper lips. If you want long-term results and are not afraid of needles and medical operations, you can opt for lip augmentation procedures that can be performed by any experienced cosmetic surgeon. Some of the most widely used are the following:

Collagen is the process of injecting bovine collagen into the lips to make them instantly fuller. This lasts for a few months and may require several sessions.

 Radiance is calcium-based microsphere filler that gives immediate and longer lasting results. It is however, more expensive than collagen injections and is less recommended to use.

The Autologous fat method is done by inserting fat derived from a person’s other body parts into the lips. It is therefore less likely to be rejected by the body since the material used is not a foreign element. However, it is natural for the fat to dissolve in a few months and this method also requires many sittings for the effect to be visible.

The laser lip rejuvenating method lasts longer than the others while providing noticeable plumpness to the lips. It also makes a person look younger, thus is an effective anti aging procedure too.

These are some of the known medical procedures on how to get plumper lips. For women who are not comfortable with needles and do not want to undergo surgical operations, other options on how to get plumper lips can be employed.

One alternative way to have full, pouty lips is by using a lip plumper. This is a recent innovation that provides women with plump, desirable lips without having to undergo any medical procedure at all. It is applied before or after using a lipstick or gloss. A slight tingling sensation may be felt as it contains a mild irritant that stimulates the lips, causing them to swell and become fuller. A good thing about limp plumpers, though, is that they have moisturizing ingredients that nourish and condition the lips. Keeping the lips hydrated is also very important as it makes our lips soft, smooth, and prettier to look at.

Using the right make up is also a technique on how one can get plumper lips. A matte flesh-toned lipstick and a lip liner drawn slightly outside the outline of your lips can also create the appearance of fuller lips.


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