Sea Hunt: The Dam

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Sea Hunt: The Dam opened with some very poetic narration. Actually, much of this underwater adventure series had its star Lloyd Bridges doing exposition in the form of narration in his character of deep sea diving expert, Mike Nelson.  Sometimes the speeches just inform the viewer of what is happening, but sometimes, it’s like taking a scenic travelogue.  That’s what this opening was like.

The focus of the show is a new dam in one of those common, unnamed small countries we get on shows like this that is about to be opened and put into action.  Nelson goes to the dam to try to prevent it from being the victim of sabotage.  We get some nice views of the Panama Canal as he heads to the locale.

Ross Martin guest stars as Finch, with Russ Conway and Ken Drake in supporting roles.  Martin and Conway are the standouts.

The music in this show gets very dramatic and loud, trying to set the tone for the danger that is looming after Nelson finds dynamite attached to one of the dam’s valves.  A show like this needs that added element of a strong musical score when so much of it happens beneath the surface of the water.

On the whole, it was a good entry.


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