The Various Ways To Achieve Plump Lips

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Having plump, full lips is one trait that most women want to have. Hollywood stars like Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Alba have made their mark in people’s minds as among the most beautiful women alive. One thing these three women have in common is gorgeous, pouty lips.

Women all over the world are green with envy over the set of lips these stars have. It makes them look younger and more seductive. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways on how to get plumper lips. Medical advancements and the latest technology have made this trait just within our reach.

One of the methods on how to get plumper lips is through medical surgeries which come in many forms. There are collagen injections which as the name implies, injects collagen into the lips to make it fuller. The Autologuous fat method inserts fat into the lips. The fat inserted usually comes from the person’s other body parts. Gore Tex Soft Form not only makes lips fuller, it can also remove fine lines. The laser lip rejuvenation provides the lips with plumpness and makes one look younger, thus is a good anti aging procedure too.

The effect of these medical procedures last for about a few months, and they each have benefits and disadvantages. As is the case of most cosmetic surgeries, all of these methods are quite expensive, and usually require a lot of sessions for the full effect to be achieved. Deciding to go for a good medical procedure is best for women who have lost the fullness of their lips with age, and who are willing to endure the considerable amount of pain that comes with surgery.

On the other hand, there are also ways on how to get plumper lips that do not require the use of a knife and needle. One of the options readily available in the market is the lip plumper. This is a recent advancement in the lip enhancing technology yet has already become quite popular because of its easy application and immediate results. Using a lip plumper is much cheaper than going for cosmetic surgery of any kind. It is known to give volume to your lips, making it look fuller and more attractive. It contains mild irritants that stimulate the lips. The blood vessels on your lips dilate, thus increasing the blood flow to your lips, giving them a reddish hue and a slightly swollen look. It also has ingredients that deeply nourish the skin, keeping it soft and moisturized. Application of the lip plumper is just as simple as applying gloss to your lips. It may be required, though, to use the plumper daily, as its effects are short lived compared to cosmetic surgery.

For those women do not want to use any stuff that may sting or hurt even a bit, a method on how they could get plumper lips is to apply the perfect make up that creates the illusion of fuller lips. A simple tip is to use light colored lipsticks, and lip liners. Dark colors must be avoided as this makes the lips appear smaller.  

In wanting to know how to get plumper lips, it is best to weigh the pros and cons of each method. Finding the best option that would suit your personality and lifestyle would give you a better chance of getting gorgeous, enviable lips while meeting the requirements that you have set.


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