Greatest Teachers

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Where parents could have once relied on the members of the community to help in raising their children, this is no longer an option. As a result, we’re seeing the television and computer raise many children. Unfortunately, the majority of the things that they’re entertaining themselves with on the TV and computer are not constructive things. And as for the community, seems like the only ones who take an interest in our kids these days are those who are trying to cause harm.

With all these changes in our community, we find ourselves having to carry the load of a community when it comes to raising our children. Therefore, it’s important that we’re teaching our children the essential basics that they will need to succeed in life at every stage of their lives. Here are some basic topics that every parent should teach their children about:

Spirituality. It’s going to be important for our children that all throughout life they are grounded. They need to be able to see the big picture in life – how does it all tie together. Relationships. Our children must understand that at the end of their lives, all that will matter is who’s by our sides – family and friends. We can’t take anything with us into eternity, but the relationships we form while we’re alive can make or break us. Finances. If our children don’t value a dollar, they certainly won’t know how to make more, nor will they know how to effectively use a dollar. We owe it to them and our grandchildren to teach them about investing, business ownership, saving, debt, etc. They need to be able to see how having a good education opens up doors in their lives for greater opportunities. Having a good understanding of finances and spirituality will shape and mold their understanding of politics. Why is voting important and why do we vote for the candidates that we vote for. Lastly, we must teach our children about good health. They need to value their health and be mindful of the foods that they eat and the activities they engage in.

Of course the only way we can effectively teach our children about these topics is if we first have a good understanding of these topics ourselves. This way, we will become the greatest teachers our children would have ever had.


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