The Restless Gun: The Woman From Sacramento

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The Restless Gun: The Woman from Sacramento is a solid episode in terms of acting, but it does have a few holes in the logic of the story and the unfolding action.

In this episode, Vint Bonner, the lead character played by John Payne, has been working as foreman on the ranch of his old friend, Jim Blackwell.  The man is dying and Vint wants to stick around.

As it happens, Blackwell gets a letter from his estranged daughter, who suddenly comes to see him.  The daughter, Mary, is played by Kathleen Crowley.  She is simply terrific, giving a very good performance in the role.

Will Wright played Blackwell, who is a little grating on the nerves.  Of course, he’s supposed to be a curmudgeon, and in that respects, he succeeds.

At the heart of the tale is whether or not the woman is really who she says.  That piece of the story is kept a mystery for a bit, but viewers know the truth by the end.  To be honest, I’m not sure I agree with the ending.  It disturbs me a little.

The plot holes concern the speed of the events in the story and how Vint responds to Blackwell’s requests.  It just isn’t natural.


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