What B2B is a All About?

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Business to business also referred to as B2B is a term that has many connotations, but aptly describes electronic commerce or transactions that are carried out between the enterprises as compared to those that are carried among other groups like business to consumer (B2C) and business to government (B2G).

Auctions, e-commerce, marketing or sales taking place between the businesses or businesses and customer or businesses and government are a conducive element of business-to-business (B2B) .

Marketing communication plays a major role in the B2B promotions involving methods oriented towards the production of the profit or revenue generation by using methods like promoting, auctions, and e-commerce rather than committing to direct sales.

B2B marketing communications are carried out through advertising, public relations, trade show support, direct mails, sales collateral, branding or interactive services such as website design and last but not the least the search engine optimization (SEO).

One of the very important characterization of B2B goes by the name of automated e-commerce transaction. In this process the trading partners carry out the process of transaction. When compared, it has been observed that the volume of the B2B transaction is a lot higher than that of the business to consumer (B2C).

As a consequence of this more and more organizations are opting for these e-commerce services. This has given rise to a tremendous opportunity for the growth of e-marketplace.

E-marketplace in business to business (B2B) parlance is primarily a large online platform or also known as B2B portal that facilitates transactions or interactions between various businesses for example the suppliers, manufacturers and lots more.

E-Marketplace has brought into existence new transaction processes like auctions, reverse auctions, forward auctions etc that in turn offer following advantages for various businesses.

Some of its benefits are: a) It helps the buyers to find new suppliers and vice versa.

b) It also help them to reduce the time and cost of interaction of the B2B transactions.

c) It helps to increase the trade between the distant geographies and manage the payments and track orders for the B2B transactions.

d) It help the environment by using an appropriate technology which is very environmentally friendly.

B2B marketing has as its primary agenda to make it easier for the prospective customers to find the contact numbers, the actual website address as well as the location of the business to make it easier for them to get in touch with you.

It also offers the potential customer a small help-guide when it comes to getting all the relevant information they might need while purchasing the products as well as services.

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