Room 222: Naked Came We Into The World

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Room 222: Naked Came We Into the World is really a show that lets Karen Valentine shine as new student teacher, Alice Johnson.  The bubbly and eager Alice convinces the high school principal that she is capable of serving as the adviser for the Junior Class Night.

Naturally, Alice ends up with her head deep into the water and on the verge of drowning.  That’s because she goes overboard to let the class know that it’s “your show” and she is only there to support them.  That’s fine, until they decide to end their show by stripping down to their birthday suits.

There are a couple of especially nice moments.  One is actually the cumulative effect of seeing Judy Strangis emerge as the smart but too shy, Helen Loomis.  It was Helen’s idea to get naked, which was almost unbelievable, but does show how the character was coming out of her shell.

The other is when Pete Dixon (Lloyd Haynes) talks to Alice about whether she wants to be the students’ friends or their teacher.  It’s a tough lesson for Alice.

The only downside of the plot is that we really don’t get to see how things would have turned out had Alice had to truly follow through and put the kabosh on the naked finale.


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