For The Love of Human Race

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This world is a beautiful place and we are all our Almighty Allah’s magnificent creations. With each of us there are hidden talents beyond boundary. The question is, do we realize the potential which we have been gifted by our Almighty? Do we spread our love amongst the less fortunate’s, the deprived and the unwell? Above all, do we really love ourselves?

Day after day as we open our eyes, we welcome another new day with bliss. There are many among us who are impaired and may not be as lucky as us to welcome another day. Many children die inside their mother’s womb before they are even born. Many are hit by cars, buses, trucks and other motor vehicles after which they either die or stay crippled for a possible recovery. Others undergo wrong treatments and face difficulties to remain healthy once again. Several others are the less fortunate’s who cannot afford a day’s meal and live in misery. Some choose to beg, some choose to risk their lives to bring us glory. Some may leave this world forever to look forward into a new life in heaven.

Everyday there are incidents as such and hundreds of other which occurs among us. Many of us die, many of us suffer. While some keep wondering that maybe this life did not give them enough, others fight to live another day. They fight to live, to find the love of their loved ones and to wipe the tears of their face.

Every time we face such an incident, we realize our life has given us so much. Our Almighty Allah gave us such a beautiful world to live in. It is He who has made us come through such obstacles. It is He, who gives us strength, knowledge and power. Nothing skips His vision. We should remember to recall him in our prayers everyday.

Let us stand by those who lie in misery and pain. Let us extend our hands to those who may pass away due to crisis. If all of us could help each other in hardships than maybe there might be no hardships at all. Let us wipe each others tears. Let us make this world a better place to live in. Let us love ourselves and spread our love like a bridge to heal every sorrow and pain. Let us learn to love.


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