Time Tunnel: Rendezvous With Yesterday

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One of my favorite shows is The Time Tunnel, an Irwin Allen production that starred James Darren as Dr. Tony Newman and Robert Colbert as Dr. Doug Phillips.  I tuned in because I’m a huge fan of Darren’s.  I’d long ago fallen under his ‘Moondoggie’ spell in the Gidget movies, so I was totally on board for this show.

The pilot episode was called Rendezvous with Yesterday, of which there are two versions.  This review is for the original, the one scene when the show debuted on September 9, 1966.

The idea of the Time Tunnel itself is that people could go back and forth through time.  It’s all at an underground facility in the middle of the desert.  Think Area 51, only even further down.

When a political hot shot pays the scientists a visit, he advises them the the program is too expensive and he’s going to have it shut down.  Naturally, that spurs Newman on. He secretly turns on the device and heads back in time to prove it works.  Phillips follows, and that’s the premise for all the shows that follow.

The first hour had the two on the Titanic.  It’s a memorable hour, full of drama and excitement.  It was a smart move because the Titanic still has an emotional tie for many.

It’s a great start to a daring series.


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