The Mothers-In-Law: The Not-So-Grand Opera

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The Mothers-in-Law: The Not-So-Grand Opera aired at the end of the 2nd season and featured the wonderful Marni Nixon as a guest star.  Not everyone recognizes her name, but the odds are that her voice has been heard by most anyone who was watched the classic movie musicals of yesteryear.

Nixon’s operatic and charming voice has been used by many filmmakers over the years.  Audrey Hepburn might the face on the screen when her character is singing in My Fair Lady, but that silky voice is Marni Nixon’s.  That’s a beautiful Natalie Wood seen in West Side Story, but when she opens her mouth in song, it’s Nixon.

In this episode, Nixon is actually presented as if she’s very well known.  Watching it, I felt like that was probably overdone.  Most people wouldn’t recognize her on sight and it’s doubtful that many really know her name, though they should if they love musicals.

At any rate, she’s brought in to play the lead in an opera that both Eve and Kaye had delusions about staring in.  There’s a lot of green-eyed envy as part of the plot, which brings on some humor.

I do like this particular episode.  It was nice to see Marni Nixon and not just hear her.


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