The Mothers-In-Law: Guess Who's Coming Forever

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The Mothers-in-Law: Guess Who’s Coming Forever was the 20th show of the 2nd season and it presented a hot topic for the day, done under the guise of comedy.  The air date for the episode was February 23, 1969 and the primary guest star was Scoey Mitchell.

Mitchell’s role in this show was pretty much a serious one in lieu of some of the comedic parts he played over the years.  He did have some good lines, but it was the situation that brought about the laughs, along with the nervous and nutty behaviors of the mothers-in-laws, played by Eve Arden and Kaye Ballard.

The situation is that their children have decided that they need a bigger place to live now that they have twins to look after, so they put the apartment up for rent.  The mothers pretend to go along, but plan to make it nearly impossible for anyone to move in.

Enter Solomon Elkins (Mitchell).  His mere presence makes Eve and Kaye nervous because he makes everything they say sound prejudice.  Ultimately, he ends up taking a room at the Hubbard’s which leads to more comedy.

There are a number of misunderstandings in the show, all put into the view of comedy, but through the comedy, there’s a moralistic viewpoint.

It’s a good show, and Mitchell did a nice job.


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