Valentine's Day Movies to Watch With Your Significant Other

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Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and whether you are buying your loved one dinner or chocolates, you might be wondering what the best romantic movies to watch with your loved one are. Here are my personal favorites:

50 First Dates

Starring Drew Barrymore as a young woman who gets in a car accident and loses her short-term memory. Adam Sandler plays the man who is eager to catch her eye, but runs into trouble when she can’t remember him the next day. You will laugh and you will cry as you watch his attempts to get her attention each and every day… living each day as if it were their first meeting together.

Never Been Kissed

Another romantic comedy starring Drew Barrymore, this time she plays a young reporter who must go undercover as a teenager to get dirt for her newspaper. In high school, her character was made fun of and garnished her the nickname of “Josie Grossie.” She finds herself not living high school again as she wanted to, but her nightmarish memories coming alive for a second time. Her brother comes to her rescue and she falls in love with one of her teachers. In the end, when it is discovered that she is not a teen but a grown woman, will her teacher come to his senses and embrace her… or leave her with never being kissed?


An unlikely romance between spoiled rich Goldie Hawn and poor carpenter Kurt Russell brings audiences to its knees in tears and laughter. When Goldie Hawn falls overboard and loses her memory, Kurt Russell decides to teach her a lesson by convincing her they are married with several unruly sons and puts her to work cooking, cleaning, and fetching him his beer. In the end, they fall in love, but then her real husband shows up to reclaim his “property.” An oldie but goodie!

Pretty Woman

Starring Richard Gere as a rich lawyer who is lonely and Julia Roberts as a hooker, they meet up. But Richard Gere isn’t looking for sex, he just wants some company. In the end, they fall in love and audiences remember laughing hysterically at her insane flossing habit and him trying to groom her into a respectable looking woman.

There are plenty of romantic movies to choose from for Valentine’s Day to share with your loved one over champagne and chocolate kisses.


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