Review of Ackman Pharmacy

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Ackman Pharmacy is located in Kerrville, Texas and I was not paid to publish a review by them or any third party.

I have been getting my prescriptions filled by Ackman Pharmacy since 2006 and want to enlighten Kerrville residents as to their professionalism and old-fashioned ways.

After frustrations with Walgreens, I started to get them filled at Ackman Pharmacy instead and am always delighted when they greet me with a smile, ask me how my daughter is, and hold the door open for me on my way out. Every person employed at Ackman Pharmacy is always so polite and they remember your name, which is an added bonus.

Their prices are reasonable and they advocate natural wellness and are patient when you have tons of questions. Since my daughter’s pediatrician is located just a few doors down, sometimes I arrive at Ackman Pharmacy before the prescription does, but they will always call the doctor and get the information for the medication for me.

The pharmacist will always walk over to where I am sitting with my daughter and inform me on the medication and how to use it. He does it with a smile and makes sure I leave with no questions unanswered.

Ackman Pharmacy also has a drive-up window and you do not have to submit your insurance card every single time. They keep it on file, so if you forget it one day while picking up your medication, no worries! They automatically look the insurance information up. They also accept Rx Discount Cards that you can print online for free and accept those discount cards with a smile.

They do not overprice their snack items. Often I get thirsty and they sell their soda for a whole 50 cents – they do not mark up their merchandise unreasonably like other pharmacies do.

I also just found out that you can refill your medication online at Ackman Pharmacy and they will also DELIVER your medications to your home or business. What convenience!

Along with listing positives, I must also list a negative to make this review appear legitimate. I wish their hours were extended in the evenings and weekends. Ackman Pharmacy closes at 5:30 pm and is not open on Saturdays or Sundays, so if you have a prescription from an emergency visit at the hospital, you will either have to wait til Monday or go somewhere else to have it filled.

Kerrville has several pharmacies to choose from and if you are going to get medication filled, you should stop at Ackman Pharmacy, located at 200 Wesley Drive.


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