What Are The Causes And Synptoms of Oral Herpes Infection

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Herpes is an infection caused by a virus that cause painful sores on your gums and even other parts of the mouth. It is contracted from someone who already has the virus carrying herpes. Babies contract it from parents who has it. The child may develop a fever and have swollen lymph nodes in the neck, this generally make the child cranky. Most people are unaware they are carrying the virus. Since most cases are mild and unrecognizable.

Blisters forming in the mouth could be the first sign of the virus. From childhood to adulthood, if a person contracts the virus later in life, it can be more severe, producing cold sores which would be commonly triggered by sunburn on the lip. A tingling feeling is felt before a blister erupts. It is easily recognized by someone who has had herpes before. A raw open sore may appear on the outer lip and then it will become crusted. Sores appear on the palate of the inside of the mouth, they are small blisters that combine together and form a painful sore.

If your immune system is weak, it can be life threatening if you already have the disease such as AIDS. If having to endure radiation treatment, and chemotherapy treatment or any type of transplant, it can also be fatal if the virus spread to the brain. Herpes can be treated, and well controlled if the medicine is taken as prescribed. So be careful about who you partner with, remember everyone is not going to be honest with you about their health status. The best rule is “no glove no love”.


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