Why Do People Use And Abuse Cocaine

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Cocaine is not safe, just like any other drug that is used and abused. It increases the heart rate and can cause a heart attack, it has many side effects, such as; nervousness, hallucination, insomnia, paranoid delusions, and seizures only to mention a few. Taking any type of drug prescribed or not for a pregnant woman can be harmful to the unborn child. The child can or may be born with birth defects, most likely having withdrawal symptoms. They may start to walk, talk, or crawl at a later age. Maybe they will not learn at all, and become dependent for the rest of their natural life.

All because the mother decided to take it upon themselves to ingest drugs. Not smart. Just remember that is a tiny life you are carrying inside of you, and you are responsible for them as well as your well being. That child would like a chance at life just as you were priviledged as well. They may not can talk, just yet, but he or she deserves a chance to experience and enjoy life just as you have. It doesn’t matter if you are responsible for them for the rest of your life. Give the unborn child a chance. Better yet give someone else a chance to be a mother who may not be able to conceive a child.

 Because cocaine can have an extreme affect on the mother and baby. More symptoms to look for in someone who has been using and abusing cocaine is, constipation, intestinal damage, feeling as if something is crawling under the skin, and violent behavior. So before you decide to use any type of drug. Just remember when used and abused too much, your body becomes nothing but a storage compartment for whatever type drug you want to deposit. In return rejecting anything that could have been a benefit you.


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