Marijuana- The Usage And Abuse Of

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Marijuana has been called many names over the years, and the use of it is very widespread. Since there are much stronger drugs on the market now, the name marijuana is almost a thing of the past.Though the usage still exist today. It is normally smoked like a cigarette, made from leaves, stems, and flower of the dried plant. The active ingredient in marijuana is known as (THC) better known as tetrahydrocannabinol. The specific ingredient in marijuana is Delta-9-THC, which is used to treat nausea and vomiting, that is associated with cancer patients.

Marijuana is understood to somber a persons mood, so they can be able to face what challenges life give them. That is only temporary, because when the feeling dimishes, you’re still facing that same challenge. Marijuana depresses the brain activity producing a slow-motion affect in the mind. The eyes become dreamy and you’re in a state where you feel disconnected with the world most of the time. Marijuana, can cause hallucinations and on a better note, it can relieve tension and provide a sense of well being. Overall it can become addictive because it generally give you a good feeling.

Though I’m not promoting the idea of smoking marijuana, simply because it is bad for your health. Smoking is bad for your lungs especially, because it sheds years of your life away. The smoking of marijuana can have withdrawal affects such as jerking of the muscle and insomnia. For some users, it may have the opposite. It also increases the appetite. For different people it has certain side affects. Today if someone ingest marijuana, it can be easily traced, so before you start, stop and think, do I really need to use this? Just like any other drug, it is dangerous to your health.


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