Making Some Extra Money Through Adsense

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Believe me, if you can really work hard on the following things you can get around 16,500 Pages views per day to average more the 500,000 page views per month.

First of all you have to enroll for the Adsense account.

1. Join Hubpages : Start writing hubs that you are confident on can elaborate on that subject. Try to be specific to the point. Dont try to be too much reliable on the Hubpages website to get your income on Adsense ( Sorry to tell you this ) because on fine day the Hubpages administrator will knock you out saying that it is wrong tags, needs revision, and many other stories. Even after many revisions submitted you will find it is not passing through the admin controlled. There are lot of guys who had recently put pictures of Hot girls who were knocked out. So always have a backup site to get the targeted page views of 16.5K. Minimum Hubs should be around 100 for the moment.

2. Join Blogspot : This is a google controlled website and you can have your adsense linked to that. This works well if you have many photos to be placed. This can give you nice adsense page view also to get started. Have around 150 Blogs.

3. Join : Though its is an Indian controlled website you get 100% share of the revenue not like website which share 40 – 60 or 60 – 40. Try joining and you can earn revenue when somebody is viewing your profile, photos, vidoes. I highly recommend that. Try uploading around 500 to 1000 Photos and videos for the start.

4. Join Flixya : Gives 100% adsense revenue. You get paid to share your photos, videos, blogs on this site. Another recomended website. The same photos you are using on Indyarocks can be used here.

5. Buy your own domain and start your website: Its part of a valuable capital investment and try building your own website. In the end you cannot trust any of these website and you dont know when you will be shut out from their network

6. Join : this is an photo uploading website where you can put either a top or a bottom adsense banner on their website. Really worth giving a try.


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