Weight Loss Diet: The 5 Meal Trick

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When you are on a weight loss diet, do you lessen the number of times that you eat in one day? That is what most dieters would do. However, do you know that doing this will just tend to make you achieve the opposite results? When you starve yourself, you will be more inclined to eat more when it is time to eat and sometimes, you will not even notice that. Also, the digestive system is affected by the process, making your metabolism slower. Thus, despite the fact that you eat less frequent, with a slowed down metabolism, there will be not much difference.

Studies show that it is best to eat five small meals or more each day than to have only one to two when dieting. This is because, when you eat frequently, you will not have the chance to be very hungry so you will be more likely to eat less. The best combination would be to eat two small snacks just an hour or so before lunch or dinner so that when you get to these usually large meals, you will not have much appetite. However, try to look for snacks that are both filling and healthy so that you will remain vigorous.

Eating five meals is also good for diabetics or those who have problems with their blood sugar level because this allows continuous supply of blood sugar that can help stabilize it.

So, the next time that you go on a weight loss diet, do not subtract rather add more meals to your daily intake. Just make sure that you eat healthy foods and that you just have the right amount of servings. This will make dieting a lot more fun and less torturous because you are not deprived of food, you get to eat and lose weight at the same time.


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