Create A Climate For Growth And Opportunity Through Pay Per Lead Telemarketing

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B2B lead generation is the bridge that will help your business go from Point A (current status) to Point B (growth and opportunities). The bridge that will make it happen is the tool that you are going to use. This medium can either work for you or against you. It may keep your company from going where you want to go. Yet, if done correctly, it will create a climate for growth and opportunity.  
Therefore, it is a must for you and your sales force to choose the right lead generation tool. Take into consideration not just only the cost but also the effectiveness, speed, efficiency and accuracy of such medium. Generating qualified sales leads is, by nature, a complex undertaking. Consider the thousands or even millions of people that you will be covering in a location. How are you going to qualify all of these without sacrificing speed and precision? What are your ways to know who among the colossal population have the attributes of a high-quality sales prospect?
Pay per lead telemarketing will help you with this and greatly reduce your lead generation burden. This is so because the lead provider, which is a professional telemarketing firm, will be employing skilled telemarketers. These professionals are delegated to perform the responsibility of securing you a list of qualified sales leads in a manner that facilitates efficiency, effectiveness, speed and accuracy.
I bet you would like to know how this is possible. Well, here is how it is done. Telemarketing service providers have a large computer database which contains all the lists of companies in most of the countries around the world. This database houses key information about business organizations such as industry, size, geographical location, etc. The agents will filter their search according to a set of your criteria for prospecting purposes. Even at this point, the attributes of swiftness and precision in lead generation is already being practiced.
After the prospects have been narrowed down, professional lead generators, through the aid of specialized applications and telecommunications technology, will initiate a phone call to begin the process of qualifying a prospect. Crucial as it is, cold-calling is the way to identify prospects that have the BANT (budget, authority, need and time) characteristics. Through this, the pay per lead telemarketing service provider can avoid generating a pool of poor quality sales leads.
After which, an appointment is going to be made. Appointment setters engage the prospect in an exchange of questions and answers. This is important in order to uncover pain points, determine interest and finally, schedule a meeting. One qualified appointment is equal to one sales lead. Within a month or less, you will be given the minimum number of qualified sales leads that you requested.
However, there is a drawback to this. The cost per lead of most pay per lead telemarketing models is slightly higher than your usual lead generation campaign. Since you will be paying per qualified sales lead, the more you buy, the higher the price you are going to pay. This is why pay per lead is ideal for companies that need a small number of sales leads in one period.  
Pay per lead telemarketing has worked for many businesses across the globe. It may or may not be suitable for your business, which is why you should approach this technique just like you would any other marketing strategy. As long as you have laid out your marketing plans and resources well, there is no reason why you should not give it a try.


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