5 Top Tips For Keeping up Your Motivation

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Plan ahead. In our fast-paced life, this really is the most important thing you can do. Whether you are planning a meal in advance, a day in advance or a week in advance – you will see what a big difference this makes.

Make one change at a time. Get comfortable with it and then make another. It takes about six weeks for us to develop a habit, so make sure you give yourself time to do this.

Set small goals that you know you can achieve like “ I will only eat out once this week” or “ I will have breakfast every day this week”.

Keep a journal – I mean both a food journal and a regular journal. Food journals are a good tool to help you stay on track – you make more educated choices when you see what you’ve been doing in writing. Regular journals are a great way to express how you’re feeling ( after all, food and emotions kind of go hand in hand ). And on particularly hard days, flipping back and reading a positive entry can be quite self – motivating.

Get your family and friends involved. We are social beings so having a buddy can really help to make the process easier, not someone who is going to encourage you to sit on the coach and eat potato chips.

Some of the motivational Quotes that I would like to present to you are :-

(a)Time is our most precious commodity. Manage it wisely! Keep a log of just one day’s activities to see where time is wasted. You are trading a part of your life everyday for what you believe is important! Make sure that it is! Control your day or it will control you!

(b) We are all born with a positive attitude. All kids talk about what they are going to be when they grow up, not what they can’t be. All negativism is learned. The good news is, it can be unlearned. Take a lesson from kids and become a dreamer again. Because dreams are where success begins!

(c) Life is like driving a car. Destinations are determined by what is in your mind. Many people drive their “car” of life by always looking in the rear view mirror at what might have been, when they should be looking out the windshield at what could be. Remember, your “car” of life is powered by your thoughts and it is those thoughts that will determine your direction and destination!


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