How to Make a Girl Fall in Love With You

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Thie first this is to be motivated by their pleasures, not your pleasures. When you love someone, it requires generosity, patience, and truly caring how this person feels. Majority of society is only motivated by their own pleasures and fears. Feeling bad can a lot of the time just be about our own conscience. You really have to think for this person first, not for yourself. Think about them first. Love isn’t suppose to be selfish, or one-way. You’re suppose think about what your partner wants, before your what you want. Sometimes you must be willing to sacrifice yourself, and your feelings for this person. The number one true aspect in loving someone, is being willing to devote yourself to their wants, not yours.

The second move is to take interest in what they want from life. Also pay attention to them and do not neglect them. Neglecting them emotionally and with your presence really hurts a person. It does no good for you at all, and you’re robbing them of their emotional trust in you. Become interested in what they do, and learn about what they want. Paying attention to your partner, should be like watching your favorite television show, or movie. They have you absolute attention and interest always. Obviously effective communication is very helpful, in maintaining effective love in the relationship

The third step is to overcome your ego and pride. Similar to step one. Do not be motivated by your pleasure, but also your fears as well. Only be motivated by true love. Okay, a lot of the times a persons pride and ego can really do damage to someone else. Forget your pride and ego, leave it at the door. Remember you are with this person, someone you really love. You cannot take that for granted, and feel it will be there no matter what. Really appreciate the person you have in your life, and don’t be so insecure with them. What is the point of being insecure, when you two have the ability to share every single thought to one another, with worrying about shame?

Next is to take charge in the relationship. Give them security and comfort as well. Be there for them when they need it. Be there to give them support when they stumble a bit, and help pick them back up. Do not put them down and make them feel worse. You got to be the one person that they feel will always be there for them. No matter what they’ve done, even if they’ve hurt you, or upset you. Show them that you’re dependable, and that you’d walk through fire for them. This person will never forget the strength, loyalty, and genuine caring that you truly have for them. They’ll take notice of this, and realize not everyone has the ability to give them this.

Finall do not judge them, but help them. Do sit there, and rip apart their thoughts, dreams, or mistakes even. People hate to be judged, and when you start doing this to your partner, it’s big mistake. Sometimes people have an idea that a person has to live up to certain expectations in their mind. Well, this person is their own person, so you must respect that. You also have to realize they’re not perfect as well, and sometimes they can do things you might not like. When it comes to love, you need to embrace everything about this person. Do not fall in that ugly category, where they feel you’re judging, and trying to change them. You can’t change someone anyways, it never works.


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