Dining at The Great Punjab in Mumbai For Punjabi Food

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The Great Punjab is eatery that has two openings in Mumbai at Hiranandani Gardens, Powai and Dadar. The eatery at Dadar is the mother restaurant looked after by the father, while one of his sons looks after the Hiranandani opening.

Both restaurants are not big really and the one at Hiranandani is pretty small. But what makes these restaurants stand out is the authentic Punjabi food they dish out. Punjabi and North West cuisine is roughly the same and people who want to eat good and wholesome food from the North and North West of India can’t find a better place than these two openings.

The restaurants are small, but have an excellent atmosphere.They serve dishes like Dal Makhani, Chicken Makhani, Chicken tikka, Mutton keema, Bhuna Ghost et al to the patrons and cutomers with a distinct flavor. I will not hesitate to say that the fare dished out is about the best in Mumbai, where a lot ,many restaurents serve Punjabi food, but without its ethnic flavor.

Other dishes that are served are wholesome like the Saag and Makai ki Roti, Chicken Briyani( though this is not strictly a Punjabi dish) and good accompaniments like Tandoori Roti, Butter Naan and Kulcha. the food is prepared in hydrogenated oil, though you can request a dash of pure ghee for any of the dishes ordered. this adds to the Punjabi flavor, as pure ghee is a very much loved item in the Punjab. The restaurant will serve you authentic Punjabi desserts like Kulfi and rabri, that can whet your palate.

Cost wise the restaurant will not burn a hole in your pocket and a meal for two can be managed in about 500 rupees. With inflation rearing its head, the prices are reasonable.Add to it the authentic North Indian food and you have  a winner on your hands. I will certainly recommend a visit to one these restaurants, as and when the mood seizes you.


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