Ways to Be Winter-Ready

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Now that winter is round the corner, we have formulated some effective tips to be ready for winter.

  • To begin with, remove the air conditioners or cover them up with plastic. This would prevent cold winter drafts as well as keep the air conditioners working for the next year.

  • Ensure that you check your chimney and fireplace. Remember to keep them clean, so as to avoid further problems. You might want to take all possible precautions in order to prevent fire mishaps. In case if you aren’t proficient enough, call in professionals to clean as well as inspect the fireplace. Also, make sure that your exhaust ducts as well as the vents do not have any obstacles.

  • Check out the weather strips on doors and replace them in case if the drafts are coming in. all the cracks in the window panes as well as the ones around the windows must be covered. There are loads of newer window models in the market, most of them are energy efficient.

  • Check out for cracks or holes in the foundation or around your residence. Remember to fill them or repair them with caulking, so as to prevent the water from getting in or avoid drafts. Check out the ceiling, the attic as well as the walls and see if they need to be better insulated. Most homeowners do not realise the importance of insulation. Properly amount of insulation would ensure that your house stays warm and would save the amount of time you run the heater for. It would also help you save up on the heating costs. Holes or cracks your house would also make it cooler in your house. Storm windows or doors must be installed before winter.

Your gutters or drainage systems must be properly cleaned, so that they can drain water when the snow melts and they wouldn’t be blocked up. Trim all kinds of weak or dead branches on the trees closer to your home, parking spaces or garage. Ice can usually cause the branches to snap and hence can turn out to be a major accident.


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