Tea Party Etiquettes

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Tea parties are fun to attend and host. Before you precede with the tea party etiquettes, it would be suggestive to know about the origin of these tea parties. Tea happens to be the second most preferred drink in the world. All over the globe, people might have different styles of consuming tea. For an instance, most Americans prefer to have tea as a substitute for coffee. There are numerous kinds of teas available in the market including grey teas, white teas, green teas, herbal teas and many more. Depending on their preference, people choose to consume tea with or without milk, along with sugar. However, when it comes to teas in Asia, they usually consume black tea with different types of spices.

Ever since it has been originated, tea is common associated with Britain. Furthermore, tea gained a lot of popularity during the Victorian period. Most English people would hold their tea parties in the afternoon. During those times, only black tea was served with sugar, snacks as well as other savoury. Even today, the English continue to consume and serve tea in the same manner. People in England start preparing for tea as soon as the clock strikes four in the afternoon. Tea is mostly served with milk in several south Asian countries and the tradition is being followed since the early 1850’s. Tea parties are great social gatherings and therefore it is essential to assemble a few good manners during a tea party. Some effective tips have been listed below.

To begin with, you must never gulp your tea, always take smaller sips. While giving some relief to your throat, it would look good in front of others. Also, you must initiate a conversation while sipping on to your tea. Some people try and reach out for snacks even before they are served, which is ideally bad manners. In addition, place a napkin on your lap before you start on with eating. Once you add sugar to your drink, you must always place the teaspoon at the side of your saucer. The slurping sound may often disturb others around you, therefore refrain from slurping. While you are being offered your snacks, take the ones which are nearest to you. If you were to host the tea party, ensure that you have different varieties of tea, so as to cater to people with dissimilar tastes.


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