Wither This Life of Race?

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I look into my little world with smile

To find my people of different kinds,

Some related through blood and birth

Some related by marriage knot,

Others by similar wavelength of mind

Meeting occasionally in joyful mood!

To fill my world with happy words

And sharing love and emotions too.

When I smile they smile at me

When I frown they frown with me

Cheer they exchange with readymade wit

And laugh aloud to fill my world

But in sad moments I am left alone

Searching everywhere for a sharing face

Friend in need is friend indeed

Oh how I wish this saying to be true!

Even this little world is a pot

In which I run like a restless rat

Catching the wind and building castles

Hoping for a helping hand

But the world is running like a thirsty dog

Towards an end that no one knows!

But all are in the race of aimless storm

I too run, but to where I don’t know!

From dawn to dusk I run and work

I earn and eat and spend my lot

A mechanic life that run on a switch

Just rotating at someone’s hand!

I never think that I will be thrown

Out of this little world into somewhere

Is there a hell or heaven for me?

Where I can rest and stop this race?

Again and again I look into my world

Is it to eat, earn and sleep?

And to appease my senses that I live?

Then what else is the end of my life?

What is my sleep when it dawns for me?

What should I do to keep up my hope?

And to make my life a source of hope

For all those who run with me in this little world! 


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