Do Not Let The New Years Promises Slip Away

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The Enthusiasm for a new year slips away quickly and for some, as early as the first few weeks into the year. Most people look at the change of the calender into a new year as providing the arrival of opportunity to change ones life for the better. However, it is very easy to falter and fall right back into the same old patterns. This is due in part to having to get up early and trudge off to that thankless dead end job that we are trying to extricate ourselves from. Of course, not everybody fits that mold but many of us do. We fall back into the routine of coming home from a long day, making something to eat for dinner, go to the internet or TV for some time and before you know it an hour has slipped by and your tired. Looking for that new job, maybe writing that article you’ve put off or finding things that personally interest you eat up more time. Before you know it the first two weeks of the new year is gone and nothing has changed for the better.

So what’s the key to breaking this annual conundrum? For me, right now, it is putting the blinders on my distractions and staying very active. What I specifically mean by that is this, doing things that only advance my life or potentially advance my life. In other words, not getting distracted and staying focused on more significant actions.

Another aspect to breaking through is not getting discouraged. If something is not working & does not produce the result you are looking for then keep trying new things. This is like a shark that dies if it stops moving, be that shark in pursuing your advances in life. Another nagging aspect of our lives that holds us back is getting lazy and thus abandoning our pursuits in trying to change our lives for the better. Try to be very aware when this happens and either refocus and get back to your main pursuits or get up and do things that will recharge, re-energize & refocus you to getting back to what is most important.

I know it’s hard, it’s very hard but if we let our promises to ourselves dissolve early in the new year then we’ll loose another year to the same old habits that got us in this jam in the first place. It’s hard to expect things to change for the better if we do not try new approaches for making that change happen.

Let’s actually do it, let’s actually change our lives in Eleven and know that there are many of us in this together striving to do the same thing. Some of us have been stuck in a rut for many years so let’s make Eleven the year that we buck our habits and patterns. Happy changes for 2011!


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