Happiness Will Not Come From Money, Will Not Come From Power or Positions But it Comes From God

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God is the giver of happiness. It is a gift of God to all men who lead a simple and good life. All those who are kind and helpful to others enjoy peace of heart or happiness.  

When we do well to others, when we help others, when we care the poor, God will remain in our hearts. God will fill love in our hearts. Then happiness will fill in our hearts.

Good and bad friends

No man lives alone. We are always in the company of others. Our life is beautiful and pleasant when it is shared by good friends. The real friendship its to love others and loved by them.

Good friends multiply our joy

Good friends

Good friends enrich our lives. They influence or make our lives greater and better in different ways. Good friends multiply our joy. That means their presence will make us more and more pleasant and happier than before.

When we are sad or worried, good friends will make us happy by talking to us. When they talk and laugh with us we forget our problems and worries.

  • good friends will help us when we are in need

  • Good friends are sincere and truthful

  • Good friends are gentle and polite

  • Good friends are not selfish.

  • Good friends do not blame us; but they will correct us gently when we go wrong. Good friends are hard-working. They do not waste their time

A true friend is one soul in two bodies.

Bad friends  

Bad friends are selfish. That means, they look for their own profit. Bad friends pretend to be helping us but really they do not help anyone.

Bad friends are insincere; they are not truthful. Bad friends cannot make anyone happy. They are sad, worried and lonely. They have no friends. Bad friends are not gentle; they use bad words often to make others laugh.

Bad friends are lazy. They do not study; they aim at passing by copying the answers from others or from books.

Make your life pleasant and happy by having as many as goods friends.


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